What Is in a First Aid Kit? · Antiseptics · Bandages · Stomach ache medicine · Allergy medication · OTC painkillers · Basic medical tools (tweezers, trauma sheers. This document is used to assist the child care facility in stocking First Aid and Disaster Kits with all of the items required by regulation. Check box if found. Agricultural Workplaces · Heavy duty scissors (to remove clothing) · Glucose packets (diabetics) · Large and medium size closing plastic bag (for traumatic. First Aid Kit for Your Car · Adhesive bandages in various sizes: Used to dress wounds · Non adherent, dry pads: Used for dressing burns · A variety of medical. FIRST AID SUPPLY LIST. REQUIRED ITEM. USE TO. Band Aids (assorted sizes). To First aid supplies are to be available at the child care facility and on all.

Personal First-Aid Kit · Six latex-free adhesive bandages in assorted sizes · Two sterile 3-byinch gauze pads · Small roll of latex-free adhesive tape · 3-by Share This · Adhesive Bandages · Gauze · Athletic tape · Antiseptic cleanser · Gloves · Bag to dispose of soiled items · Scissors · Tweezers; CPR face mask. A well-stocked first-aid kit can help you respond effectively to common injuries and emergencies. Keep at least one first-aid kit in your home and one in. First Aid Basics · Bandages (variety): Curad Count Variety Bandages · Antiseptic Spray: Antiseptic 2oz Bottle · Antibacterial Ointment: Neosporin 5oz. Appendix A to Part —First Aid Kits and Emergency Medical Kits ; Saline solution, cc, 1 ; Protective nonpermeable gloves or equivalent, 1 pair ; Needles (2–. First Aid Kit · Emergency telephone numbers for EMS/, your local poison control centre, and your personal doctors · Home and office phone numbers for family. supplies for first-aid kits required under paragraph (d)(2) of the logging standard. The contents of the first-aid kit listed should be adequate for small. What are 10 Items in a First Aid Kit? · 1. Band-Aids · 2. Antibiotic Ointment · 3. Ibuprofen · 4. Bandage Wrap · 5. Instant Cold Compress · 6. Scissors · 7. Gauze · 8. Day Hike First Aid Kit Essentials · Adhesive bandages (or blister kit and hiker's wool), · Compression bandage · 3 x butterfly bandages · Irrigation syringe · Gauze. Contents of a basic first aid kit · Triangular bandages · Crepe ('conforming' or elastic) bandages of varying widths · Non-adhesive (non-stick) dressings of. FIRST AID KIT CHECK LIST. MONTHLY: DATE CHECKED. Inventory: Restock after each use. Emergency Guidelines for Schools 3rd Edition*. Disposable, nonporous.

Backpack or storage tub to hold your supplies · Bottled Water · Non-Perishable food · Flashlight with extra batteries · First Aid Supplies · Tissues · Toilet paper. an up-to-date first-aid manual; a list of emergency phone numbers; sterile gauze pads of different sizes; adhesive tape; adhesive bandages (Band-Aids) in. (d). First aid supplies for field trips shall also include: (1) water;. (2) reliable communication device;. (3) liquid soap;. (4) emergency contact numbers for. Disaster Supply Kit First Aid · Non-latex, nitrile exam gloves: Have two or three pair and make sure they are the right size for you. · Rescue breathing barrier. 33 First Aid Kit Supplies for Travel · Adhesive tape · 4" x 4" sterile gauze pads · Antacid — for indigestion · Antidiarrheal (Imodium, Pepto-Bismol, for. First Aid Kit Checklist · Bandages · Ointments · Medication · Equipment · Other Items to Consider. Approved Class A First Aid Kit Contents (ANSI/ISEA Z ) · 16 Adhesive Bandage 1 x 3 in. · 1 Adhesive Tape yd. (total) · 10 Antibiotic Application 1/ first aid quick reference card · disposable latex-free exam gloves · adhesive plasters in assorted sizes · hydro-colloid blister plasters · gauze · adhesive first. FIRST AID KIT CONTENTS ; Unit, Description ; (16), 1″ x 3″ Adhesive Bandages ; (1), yd (total) Adhesive Tape ; (10), Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packets.

Putting together basic first aid kit · crepe bandages of varying widths · elasticised bandages of varying widths · hypoallergenic (skin) tape · triangular bandages. It's important to have a well-stocked first aid kit in your home so you can deal with minor accidents and injuries. Your first aid kit should be locked and. What Are the Requirements for a First Aid Kit? The requirements are the essential items that should be contained in a basic first aid pack like plasters. 1. Containers · 2. Personal items · 3. Antiseptic · 4. Creams and ointments · 5. Pain relievers · 6. Over-the-counter medications · 7. Bandages and wraps · 8. Medical. They can include bandages, cold packs, antiseptic towelettes, medicinals, and eye washes. Ideal for workplaces with up to 25 people. Contents will vary. Click.

The Essential First Aid Kit Contents

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