Contact your health care provider if you believe you have a health problem. X (12/) ©AAHC Splint. Instructions/Taping/Bracing. Mallet Finger Splint. Temporarily splinting the finger for 1 to 2 days is okay. A temporary splint may be appropriate if moving the finger is very painful and/or a fracture has not. Follow your doctor's instructions on how much weight you can put on your injured limb. If the fingers or toes on the limb with the splint were not injured. Get fast relief from finger pain, swelling, and bruising with CVS Health Finger Splint Aluminum/Foam. This splint kit includes one medium splint and one. LIGHTHARD and BREATHABLE: Solid Aluminum plate makes our splint light and lets your feeling better while handling your daily job. Ventilation design with a soft.

Finger Extension Splints are used to help align small joints that may be affected by strains or injury. Shop our versatile & easy to use Plastalume Finger. It is very important that you wear and take care of the cast or splint exactly as your doctor tells you to so that your finger heals properly and does not end. Cut two pieces of tape long enough to wrap around the finger and splint at least 1½ times. Warning Remember to consult with your doctor as soon as you can. Shop for Finger Splints in Hand and Wrist Support. Buy products such as Senior ICare Adjustable Finger Splint, Fixing and Support Trigger or Mallet Fingers. Frog Splint Finger Splint Aluminum GO Medical. The GO Medical Frog Splint Finger Splint Aluminum (open finger) is an aluminum splint for the finger, to be used. Features · Finger splints are designed to provide a protection and support for injured finger when it is broken, sprained, strained or after surgery. · Make of. Learn how ring splints help provide stability and improve alignment in the finger joints for people with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Shop HSA Store® for guaranteed eligibility on products like Flents Insty Splint Finger Split, Two-Sided, 2 splints and so much more. Zimmer Splint. This leaflet tells you how to apply a splint to your finger(s) to straighten them out. We have sent you a strip of soft metal with sponge. WHAT IS THE FINGER SPLINT AM-D FOR CHILDREN? Finger splint AM-D is an excellent solution for immobilization and stabilization of MCP, PIP and DIP joint of. Orthopedic finger splints designed to protect fingertips, distal phalanx fractures, traverse fractures, relieve arthritis & other patient specific.

Neo G Easy-Fit Finger Splint Mallet finger, also called baseball finger, involves the tip of your finger or thumb becoming injured. It can typically be. Secure the splint to the finger using tape around each phalanx to immobilize the target joint or joints (eg, for PIP immobilization, apply tape around the. The 3pp Side Step Splint helps straighten crooked fingers due to arthritis, swelling or ligament injuries. Sam Flatfold Splint Finger, as the name implies, is designed for splinting fingers. So small and light. 12 splints perpack. Usually a splint on a fractured finger is worn for about 3 weeks. You may need more X-rays over this time so that your doctor can monitor the progress of your. Shop Finger Splint Small and read reviews at Walgreens. Pickup & Same Day Delivery available on most store items. What to Expect · Your splint should be snug enough to hold your finger in a straight position so that it does not droop. · You should keep your splint on unless. Oval-8 Finger Splint for Trigger Finger. The Oval-8 Finger Splint, available in CLASSIC Beige and NEW Oval-8 CLEAR, are a convenient, low-profile, comfortable. Selection of splints to immobilize and protect fingers and thumbs following injury Constructed of malleable aluminum with open-cell foam lining Packaged in.

Description · Scope of Application: The toad splint finger from ARYSE is used to treat sprains, mallet finger, stable finger fractures, volar plate injuries. Your doctor will tell you how long to wear the splint. Usually a splint on a fractured finger is worn for about 3 weeks. You may need more X-rays over this. Instructions. Directions: Place finger in center of splint and gently apply pressure around splint to mold fit. Fasten strap to hold splint in place. Splint. SAM Splint finger splint is compact and supportive, yet weighs only 2oz. It's waterproof, reusable, and latex free and can be x-rayed while in place. Tynor Finger Extension Splint Protects & Immobilize Fingers After Surgery, Metacarpal Injuries, Etc. Convenient & Cost-effective. Buy Now!

The mallet finger splint is a simple splint and effective way to treat this injury. The splint is designed to keep the joint straight while the tendon heals. For more than 33 years, we have provided high-quality, custom-fit SilverRing™ Splints to individuals around the world who have hand and finger problems.

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